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13 May 2012 @ 10:56 am
Hi Folks!
   I know this isn't the normal posting of Costumey goodness, but i'm trying to spread the word.
My Aunt Cindy has been an educator for as long as i can remember. A good one at that! A few months ago, something terrible happened and shook her world. The school she had been working at for several year had a board meeting where they announced her non-renewal of contract. To the surprise of many.
This link explains it more:
I really hope you take the time to watch it. SO MUCH Discrimination and injustice happening here. We are trying to get as much feedback to the station, so they investigate more and keep this in the public eye where it belongs. Here is an email where you can send feedback connect@ad.gannett.com   It doesn't matter where you are from, we just need feedback.
Please take a little time out of your day to help.
Thank you so much!!
10 March 2012 @ 10:02 am
Stealing this meme from fabricalchemist

I have lots of scars. The best one is on my left forearm. I broke that sucker good.. really really good. So well, in fact, that i have a metal plate and 6 screws in there. And sadly, I don't set off metal detectors :)

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And this is where the original Meme stops.. Why 97??? 3 more questions and we have 100... so who wants to fill in those questins for me.. Shoot.. i'll answer them :)
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31 December 2011 @ 11:34 am
So it's the last day of 2011... THANK GOD!!!! This has been such a tough year. 2012 is going to be good. It has to be :)

I've also started a new blog.... documenting my travels for work. Feel free to check it out: http://apugandhergirl.blogspot.com/
So far, i've been posting everyday. Lets see if i can keep that up. 

I will also try to post more on this one. I want this to be more sewing too. Maybe this year i can actually do some. I'm watching everyone start to post their "Year in Review" of what they've made. I am ashamed of myself. I've BARELY done anything. A Victorian shirt for my husband. Some sleep pants for him. A Victorian walking skirt for me. And a small quilt. Yeah.. thats terrible!!! 

So see.. 2012 has to be better!! there is no option. It has to be positive and good (no pressure there 2012, but i'll hunt you down and kill you in your sleep) . I think we all need a little hope and luck... and some plain Positive thinking!


Lets make this new year good.. Or apocalyptic!!
21 December 2011 @ 07:38 pm
So i hopped on FB as i usually do.. and somehow i navigated my way to a page i rarely look at. I'm not friends with the person. It was a past employer. And i always, secretly, hope that evil things happen to said employer.. just a tiny bit. The pic is of her with a baby... A BABY!!! I'm not sure if she had it or adopted.. but as i read down, i'm pretty sure it's hers.

WHYYYYYYY!!! I just wanna know why. It's not fair. *commence wailing tantrum*

I sacrificed so much to stay home and work this year. And nothing. Not a glimmer.

I do not have words. I want this so badly...
20 December 2011 @ 01:32 pm
This is for fabricalchemist , so she can see my herd of pugs. (but you can look if you want :)
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14 December 2011 @ 03:23 pm
Hey Gang!!

  This is an actual sewing post.. OMG!! Right.. haven't done one of those in ages. For those of you under a rock, it's christmas time. And of course, we are broke. So i'm currently going through old sewing projects and trying to finish them for friends and family gifts.

I finally managed to lug the sewing machine downstairs to the dinning room. We will not discuss the state of my sewing room. I an iron.. that's it! Today, we are working on a quilt for my mom. It was started almost 2 years ago. I got everything cut out.. and then got pissed at because i couldn't lay the blocks out right, making it pretty.. and random..LOL  It's all colors and fabrics that remind me of the beach. My mom adores the beach. She hasn't been in decades. *sad panda face* So i'm hoping this will bring a little to her. And man, it's really nice to just have to piece things together.

I promise.. i will post pics when i have more to post. Right now, it's just a pile of fabric squares :)
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10 November 2011 @ 10:19 am
Why, yes, yes i do still live here!

A lot has happened since i last posted. I think my last post was a sad panda post. My job was horrible. I hate where i'm living.... blah blah blah... See.. sad panda!

As of a week ago today, I quit my job. I didn't even give 2 weeks. I emailed my boss with my immediate resignation. The biggest weight of my life was lifted. I feel amazing.. well except for my back. It's been out since i quit. I think i was holding myself together with sheer will power. Once i lost that weight, everything collapsed.. and my back goes out. It's doing better today, BONUS!!  But it gave me the chance to update my resume and send it out to about a dozen places. I haven't heard anything from them, but that's ok. I've got a plan :)

I will make this work.. MY WAY!

My mom is pissed. My husband is happy. I'm extremely happy. I'm back to being me.

My plan. Get a temporary job (it's a good season for that). Then at the beginning of the year, I will go to Alabama Shakespeare Festival (YAY!! I love that place) for 3.5 months. Get paid almost double of what the evil job was paying. When that ends, unemployment for a month or so AND selling stuff on etsy. Then to Chautauqua Opera in NY for a few months. That takes me up to August of next year. I'm good with that. It's doing what i love. It's good money. It's good people.

The down side. I will miss my husband and dogs. Tons.

That's why i took the factory job. I wanted to stay home. Start a family. But that job was killing me. You know how the mythos of faeries are allergic to Iron... yeah... that was me to a factory job. I thought i could do it, but it seems that is a resounding NO.

But i'm positive. I've been making stuff. And we've been saving..no, hoarding money like crazy. So i think it's a good life change. Christmas will be a homemade christmas. We are hosting greenepona and her fiance for Thanksgiving. SO it's gonna be  Fantastic!! I'm more excited than i've ever been. And hopefully I can start posting some sewing blog stuff on here. I haven't done that in eons!


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03 October 2011 @ 02:18 pm
SO i have accomplished some things on my to do list today, and it's only a little after 2pm.

I went running (well walking/jogging) Yay!! It was good, and i felt really great afterwards.
Updated my resume. Eeeek.. that was kind of crazy.
Emailed out said resume and cover letter to a few places.

SO now I think i have to run to the grocery. You see, if the dogs don't have dinner, there will be a rebellion of epic proportions.

I think later will be some financial planning to see how and what i can do. I need out of this job stat!!
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03 October 2011 @ 08:04 am
So I've taken off work today. As i thought more and more about work last night, my anxiety went through the roof. My pain increased and my stomach just tried to eat itself. Not a good combination. We'll see how they handle me not being there, bah! I don't have any more sick time, so i'll probably get some sort of warning. At this point, i don't really care. I have never hated a job like this one. Ever!

So my plans today:
Update my resume.
Send it out to several places i have bookmarked.
Make lunch for the week.
Maybe dye my hair again.
Maybe sew something.
Aaaaannnddd.... go for a preliminary run (i got brand spanking new running shoes yesterday).

I need to formulate some plans. I can't keep working this job. I was talking to sewloud last night ... and i realized, I need to be creative somehow. Either in a costume shop, or running my own business.. or both. Even though i'm doing a great job at work (i asked).. it's killing me :(    So time for change!! And plans!!

GOoooooo Team!!!!

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31 August 2011 @ 08:56 pm
So yeah, i haven't written in a week or so.   sewloud has been poking me to write more. Today i actually feel like writing.

I had some pretty brilliant suggestions the last go around.  I really like the positive affirmations list. I REALLY LIKE IT!!  After today i have realized some things about myself. I take my work entirely too seriously. My brain just doesn't work like it used to.. and I'll cry at the drop of a hat.

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I can't change everything at once. I'm not even going to try. Though, at times, I would like to run away and live on the beach in a small effiencey with my jasmine pug... and comb the beach for shells during storms. That's my happy place.. ahhhhhhhhhhh

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